10,000 scooter shots with D300...and mini review

Started Feb 21, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Ketzal Forum Member • Posts: 63
Something i forgot...

Active D-lighting...

This is simply the best new feature I've used since autofocus...really I can't say enough.

I very rarely have time or the inclanation to set up multiple flashes when doing a scooter shoot.

I simply turn the Active D-Lighting on normal or high and wham...details on the bike even though the background is incredibly bright.

I'm amazed more people aren't raving about it. I guess it depends on what and how you shoot.

Obviously works best at low iso..100 to 200

I could never live without it now I've had it.

By the way it's also very very useful for rock climbing photos with sky in them...

Finally here's a tip for solving the noise issue some people (inc me) talk about. Use the camera at iso 100...really it's that simple. No noise per say. Yes you take a nip in the dynamic range but depending on the subject it's quite manageable


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