10,000 scooter shots with D300...and mini review

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10,000 scooter shots with D300...and mini review

I thought I'd write a very brief report on the D300.

I do the photography for a scooter review website, usually it's three bikes a week sometimes 5.

You can see the shots here...yes they will get better

The D300 has been brilliant so far. I simply saved the usual bike settings that I use as "Scooter" and instantly I'm away. I also shoot landscape so it's great to have the ability to quickly jump from one setting to the other.

So far I've only been using the 18-135mm, 180 F2.8 and an 85mm F1.8. The 85mm is fantastic provided you don't shoot it at anything under F2.5 as it has HORRIBLE purple fringing wide open. I may have a bad copy but my old 85 F1.4 was the same with bright light points. The 180 F2.8 is much better in this respect.

I'm dying for Nikon to update these lenses as a VR 85 F1.4 with ED glass, SW and Nano coatings is what I need...it amazes me it hasn't been done already.

I've got a 14-24mm coming for some wide angle work and a 200mm F2 for the action shots. The 18-135 just doesn't cut it...as expected.

The camera has worked faultlessly, the files are large and have plenty of room for cropping in web work.

The dust buster is a bit of a let down as I've had to wet swab a couple of times now. Why does this kit not come with the camera? Seems like something Nikon could easily make money from...it's almost like they pretend dust doesn't exist.

The focus system is the best I've ever used...period.

Liveview is actually useful...think low shots, sick of lying on the ground, don't have to anymore.

Battery life is amazing, don't bother with the grip anymore as one battery lasts an entire week....really it does in JPG mode...

Can and have shot up to 3200 iso, used a tripod maybe twice. Incredible improvement in the real world from the D200.

Summing up...if you're a serious amateur or a professional and shoot a mixed bag of subject matter...the D300 is simply the best camera on the market. Nothing comes close for the money spent...

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