How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Summary possible?

Several threads have contended that the answer to how the D3 achieves high ISO have been answered, but I'm not so sure.

Is there a definitive agreement on this question?

If I set a D3 to ISO 12800 and then set a 1Ds3 to H (ISO 3200) and, using the D3 aperture and shutter settings, set the 1Ds3 aperture and shutter speed to that of the D3, can I push the 1Ds3 RAW file in postprocessing to ISO 12800? Let us also assume that both cameras are using 50mm lenses.

If so, will the 1Ds3 file retain the advantage of high pixel count?

My question assumes that if aperture and shutter speed are identical, that the same number of photons will strike the sensors of the two cameras. Would this assumption be correct?

Again, the fundamental issue is whether or not Nikon has with the D3 implemented a breakthrough in the processing of a fixed number of photons, i.e., given the same amount of light in a low light environment does the D3 produce a photograph that is not possible for the 1Ds3? Or, is it just a function of the processing algorithm?

Thanks, because I still am not sure all the threads of provided an answer, certainly not one that I have understood.

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