How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Nikon is the best in noise reduction. YES!

TheVoIP is on to the crux of the matter, I think.

It ain't just a slightly larger sensor, or pixils, or microlenses.

Nikon is now using a CMOS sensor yet the camera produces virtually no chrominance noise. Pretty much like their efforts with their CCD sensors.

There is still a fair amount of luminance noise showing up, just like their results previously with the CCD sensors. ( I would bet that the luminance noise of the D3 is equivalent to Canon's cameras? )

This magic is not inherent in CMOS technology, it is internal PP removing chrominance noise. And doing it very well indeed, as the color looks great.

Whether this in-camera NR degrades the final image significantly is beyond my speculations.

What I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW is how to replicate the D3 chrominance noise NR using a Photoshop action!

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