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R Stacy
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WGArts wrote:
Thanks, R.

I hear ya. My E-1 is humming along just fine. I have even made a
20x26 from it, with a lot of work and it needs to be mounted above
the couch so eyes cant get too close. But still, it looks really nice.
But that experience hammered home the truth that bigger than 12x16 or
so is just really not realistic with the E-1. Plus, recently I
signed up with alamy stock agency and then learned that they dont
want to see anything from a camera with fewer than 6 mpix. GRRRRR.
They'll take pix from a 6 or 7mp compact tiny sensor camera but wont
accept images from the far superior E-1. (At least so far they say
they wont. I'm gonna give it a shot to convince them otherwise.)

A 4:3 body with a Foveon sensor would be really interesting. In fact,
it would take the 4:3 system where no one else has gone, really. One
could have 2 different cameras with fairly radically different image
types out of them.

R Stacy wrote:
Firstly, good comparo WG.

My decision is for now to wait and see. My E-1 is still going and
going..... just fine.

Yep, for sure I'd like faster focus, IS, more MP, etcetera, but a
clean 5mp image properly exposed in the first place, or well
processed, is, so far as I can tell, upsizeable to 12x16 (inches)
easily and perhaps a tad beyond with the right software.

Film is cheap and I can still click away without much worry 4 years
on now. So for me to upgrade to the next OLy body, I need a couple
more significant items than the E-3 is offering at this price point,
namely, and in order of importance:

1.) Staggering WOW factor on IQ, beyond any camera available at this
price $2Kish range.

2.) Accurate and reassuring CAS. (probably not going to happen)

3.) More than 5fps....... preferrably 8fps minimum.

I think the DR issue is largely overhyped, but clearly an issue in
some situations. The only way I can (currently) see the above issues
terminatedly resolved is with a difference "type" of sensor.

4/3 is plenty enough linear footage if OLy would use something along
the lines of the Foveon sensor in 4/3 format. Say, 18 to 24mp 6 or 8
x 3. THAT would get my juices rather riled up and I might have to
forgo another new chrome part for my Harley.

Just my .02.

In the meantime, I'll pick up a 410 or 510 or successor to play with
in addition to my E-1........ and of course some more lenses.
Nothing from any of the other players, while good, are enough
enticing for me to switch systems at this point.


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