How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Easy: large CMOS sensor, large pixels and good electronics

Scott Larson wrote:

Hans Kruse wrote:

That's easy: Shoot raw and underexpose and you will automatically
have > iso 3200.

Easy for you. Not easy for me to shoot raw at the basketball games.

Is the buffer not large enough or the RAW processing slowing you down?

If you are shooting pro basketball games with ceiling/catwalk mounted strobes, you really cannot shoot faster than the strobe refresh time. It would be like 1 to 2 frames per second. The buffer is a non-issue. If you are shooting with existing light, the buffer still should not be a problem unless your style is machine gun all the time. I tend to time my shots at the right moment and get 2 or 3 in succession. The buffer is never a problem with shooting 100% RAW. I don't ever shoot RAW+JPEG which I consider a real waste of time and space.

If the RAW process is slowing you down, you don't have the right RAW processor. Capture One Pro can load, adjust and process a large number of files in a hurry. For those type of events, I never use PhotoShop. I would load all the RAW files in, typically a few hundred to 1000. Adjusting WB on one and apply to all simiilar ones. Next just pick out ones you want to keep, process them and throw them into the processing queue. By the time you have gone through the files, the ones you want are processed and ready to be burned to a CD or posted to the web. I can process RAW files faster than JPEGs with the tools I have.
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