How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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I don't know whether or not Canon will alter its schedule for introducing upgrades to current models such as the 1Ds3.

However, given Nikon's accomplishment and the Sony announcement, it seems possible that there will be cameras available by next year that raise the bar substantially.

I have no idea why the 1Ds3 commands the price that it does. For me the price wasn't relevant. Perhaps the Sony and whatever else arrives at 25 megs, if these new cameras can match the ISO range of the D3, will be priced similarly to the 1Ds3, as opposed to the $4000 tag on the D3.

What I don't have the slightest doubt about is that if Nikon can produce the ISO range of the D3 coupled with a 25 meg sensor, Nikon will hit the market with that camera body ASAP.

Will Canon respond? Your guess may be far better than mine. My guess is that Canon will be of the opinion that it has to maintain the lead and so Canon will respond regardless of the impact on normal schedules for product cycles.

Time will tell. And if the money isn't important in comparison to what the new products can offer, well we all will benefit if Canon reaches a new plateau before anyone else because of our investment, at least speaking for myself, in Canon lenses.

Meanwhile, I'm having a great time taking photographs with my 1Ds3.

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