How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Nikon is the best in noise reduction. That's all

TheVoIP wrote:

SDRebel wrote:

The jury seems to be in on the Nikon D3's successful implementation
of significantly higher and usable ISO than I can achieve with my

Has Nikon made a breakthrough in sensor design? Or, is the Nikon ISO
range a result of a breakthrough in post processing?

Thanks to Nikon bad past experinces with CCDs that are terrible with
noise. Thier engineers have no choice but to researce heavily on
noise reduction post processing in order to get 'accpetable' image.

When they have similar CMOS sensor as Canon, thier advantages of
having previous noise reductions algorithm are rewarded, with the so
call, low noise at ISO6400.

The fact is that.... However, to me excessive noise reduction destroy
image quality. I wonder why in the first place people buying great
lenses that insist on sharpness, where they are willing to scarify
that for low noise, which can be done on computer software as well?

Anyway, the success of D3 works for most people because they were not
from photography background and do not have the capability to judge
image quality using thier own eyes. Thus the cheat from Nikon works
for them.

I am not saying that D3 suck... I am saying it is not better than 2
years old EOS 5D nor 1D mark III in actual image quality. I am still
with Canon because it clearly provide me with some of the best lenses
for the job; EF85 f1.2 L II, EF135 f2 L and EF100-400 IS L that Nikon
do not have.

I tell you what. Why don't you show me your work and I show you my work and see how your statement stack up against? By the way, I have no favor of either brand.

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