Images from my recent trip to Chennai, India. (5 imgs)

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Re: Images from my recent trip to Chennai, India. (5 imgs)

Paul_R_H wrote:

I really like the last three. No 4 the best for my taste because
original and graphic. The lion and the especially the woman are very
atmospheric, have a sense of spontaneity. Wish I'd taken those.

Number 2 is the opposite of 4. A bit of a typical tourist shot - the
thing I can't resist taking to show the folks back home, but which
never satisfies me because it's not original as a picture. Too much
subject, not enough photograph, if you see what I mean.


Paul, thankyou for your comments. Few replies, but all of them really motivated me to go process some more images. Glad you liked them and I totally agree with your evaluation of the shore Temple. I just wanted to show a complete picture as it was a 'UNESCO world heritage site' and wanted people to have a glimpse of the whole picture.

I sure did take a lot of more interesting perspectives and would like to share one such image of the same subject. I had to use the built-in flash and hold the camera the wrong way for a righty.

I would love to hear more C&C, keep them coming. That is the only motivation to post picutures here, so I really appreciate all the comments thus far.

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