E-3 DR in review- I just don't get it. Hey Simon...

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E-3 DR in review- I just don't get it. Hey Simon...

Hey Simon & readers:

Assuming there's no questions about dpreview's methodology (some do, I will take that out for a sec because it's beyond the point), if the E-3 has better shadow recovery looking at the test, if you look at the graph, the dynamic range of the E-3 turns out to be virtually the same as the 40D and D300!

How so?

Well, if the camera is clipping at a certain highlight level earlier but can recover more from shadows, that simply means, shooting at a faster shutter speed gets you the highlights that are being said would be lost, while the extended dynamic range of the shadows would keep those shadows intact.

This may or may not get you the same exposure- but at least if we go by post processing from a RAW it would give the same DR, same results. In fact, sounds like this is why the Shadow Adjustment Technology seems to work so well on the E-3- because it can afford to bring up shadows more.

Also when you shoot with SAT on and any of the automated exposures- the camera shoots 1/3rd of a stop faster to account for this.

Anyway, I am just looking at the chart and I don't understand how it can be said it has less dynamic range. I think just like review wise one can focus on the highlights and say the D300/40D protected the highlights more at a given exposure, the other side of the coin is that they lost more shadow detail that the E-3 could have effectively (looking at the graph) having the same DR pretty much! In fact, according to the graph, the absolute DR seems bigger than the D300 by 1/3rd of a stop and about the same as the 40D!!!

I don't understand. Please help me understand What am I missing...

Also on the softness- a lot of that softness goes out if the noise filter is set to OFF - for the jpegs at least. If the camera is compared at default with others and this on to standard, then yeah, the others will look sharper. This is no different from the e-410/e-510 (it's worse on those two).

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Referring in particular to : -

here is a softness / lack of resolution that robs otherwise perfect shots of the pixel-level crispness that some of the E-3's competitors can offer.

  • in this comparison the NF had to be set to off.


Secondly (and far more worryingly) the E-3's rather tight highlight dynamic range means that even with careful exposure there's always a danger of clipping, and it's not unusual to see hot spots on faces or to lose detail in skies. The E-3 is noticeably better than the E-410 / E-510 in this respect but, especially when shooting in challenging conditions such as the low winter sun, the stop or so of highlight detail the E-3 loses compared to the best of its competitors could make all the difference.

Haven't found this to be the case at all if you are shooting with SAT on or if you are willing to post.

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