Lens VR unit IR leakage affects long exposures - cont'd.

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Re: Kudos to Marianne

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Well, this is certainly embarrassing

. . .

Talk about much ado about nothing, though . . .

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent investigative work done on this thread. Great thread! It is very educational to "hear" how one goes about investigating the various issues we discover with our gear. I learn a great deal about my new tools (D300, etc.) by "listening" to those in these threads that attempt to characterize the various anomalies that are discovered.

In particular, Marianne did an excellent job of sifting out the relevant facts, summarizing what was known, then taking the investigation to the next level. Her excellent, patient and thorough descriptions of her tests and methods arm us with the kind of knowledge that is easily applied and generalized. And she did so without inciting any discord.

Marianne: While you may not have been the one to cite a workaround, the workarounds are easily arrived at given the technical details you so aptly laid before us. I was impressed by your testing, methods, and your ability to share your knowledge in a straight forward, coherent and convincing manner. Excellent work that resulted in a clear characterization of the phenomenon. I am glad a workaround was not immediately apparent because it was very useful to learn from the process you used to characterize this phenomenon.

I, for one, am thankful we have contributors like you on this forum. You certainly have nothing to be embarrassed about.

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