How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Reduce your 1DsIII image to 12MP (about 50%)

Eric Sorensen wrote:

...then compare with the D3 and tell us how the noise looks at the
new and equal 100% level. This is the difference you will see when
the same framed image is printed the same size. I bet it's close, if
not in Canon's favor.

As mentioned in a previous post I see the noise when down sampling to the same resolution of the 5D, that the 1Ds3 and 5D is pretty close. So not quite up the level of the D3.

A German Photo Magazin made a test with results that can be shown in the following charts

and on the pixel level

This basically shows that there is no free lunch. The D3 achieves the performance at the expence of details and resolution on the basis of this test. RAW files from the D3 look less detailed and sharp than pictures from the 5D is what I have seen. But this is an area where I have seen no camera reviews really look at (other than the German Foto Magazin). This is a bit surprising as one would think that a camera reviewer would be critically looking at this area.

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