How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Something else to try

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Don't do anything hastily. Another technique you can try is
down-sampling. This allows you to effectively trade your higher
pixel count for lower noise. [Strictly speaking, the result won't be
exactly the same as using a camera with fewer and larger pixels, but
you can get quite close.]

I did a comparison between my 5D and my new 1Ds3, see

After I shot the pictures I noticed that I had to adjust to make the brightnes exactly the same. You can see on each how much is adjusted in Lightroom. So for ISO 3200 the 1Ds3 had to be adjusted 1/2 stop up to match the 5D picture in brightness. The metering is different on the two camera. I could have repeated the whole test, but decided that the test still proves the point of the 1Ds3 being very close to the 5D when down sampled to the same resolution and this was slightly better than I had expected.

Your 21Mpix camera can do a much better job at emulating a
lower-noise 12Mpix camera, than the 12Mpix camera can do emulating
the resolution of a 21Mpix camera by up-res techniques.
Now you have quite a bit of experimentation to do, before you will
have a thorough understanding of the ultimate capabilities of your
camera. Give your 1Ds Mk III some time, especially if you've been
very happy with its images so far.

That is true and I would say based on my experience with the 1Ds3 so far that even iso 3200 in many cases can produce very nice and detailed pictures, that the 5D would be challenged to do. So was this important enough for me that I expected this before I bought it? No, I was pleasantly surprised. I bought the camera since I wanted a really all round camera with high resolution, absolute top detail and resolution, good iso performance, very good AF performance, robust, fast, enough frame rate for wild life, plenty of pixels to crop from and still have good resolution for A3+ sized prints. The 1Ds3 have so far lived up to all that and more. I only had it for a bit over a week now and have shot about 2500 shots. I have figured out how auto iso works (not documented well) and it is great. Just wonder why it took Canon that long to get it done.

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