How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Marianne

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

Marianne, I would have thought I would have seen your congrats to
this fella with the the IDIII ice skating photos. ???

OK, I just had a look. I'm rather baffled by the peculiar quality of the images, which do not resemble anything I've obtained. They appear to have a great deal of large-radius sharpening, with the finest details (at Nyquist limit) obliterated, as though they had been down-sampled, sharpened, then up-res'ed back.

From the spin photos, it's obvious he has been able to use a very high shutter speed, thus the lighting levels must be quite a bit higher than those under typical arena lighting. Spotlighting can easily achieve LV 8 or better, whereas amateur sports arenas are usually about LV 6.5-7.

Finally, there is no information about camera settings or post-processing steps, so there is no basis for comparison.

Maybe you could
post a few with the mighty D3 so we can see how bad it out performes

I have a very strict privacy policy. If all of your subjects were under-18 females in tiny dresses, would you post them?

Btw, when are you sending yours in for recall repair so some
fair judgement can be passed on your copy ?

I was just about to do this, when Rob Galbraith posted his Feb. 3rd update about an additional AF fix. Now, I am waiting to see what comes of that.

AF fix or not, I still have thousands of well-focused Mk III images to assess. Not even the worst Mk III bodies will mis-focus every time, and mine is certainly not one of the worst.

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