How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: How many times do you have to be told?

I hear you.

I had a 5D and sold it upon taking delivery of my 1Ds3.

My 5D did not allow me to set ISO at 12800. Nor did it allow, so far as I knew when I owned it, to get the results I've seen posted for the D3.

Please show me 5D results that match the D3 at these high ISO conditions. I may not have known how to the use the camera and may have made a great mistake selling it. If you can demonstrate that to me, I can probably sell my 1Ds3, given current availability, for more than I paid for it and buy back a 5D.

As for definitive answers, you were obviously satisfied by the first comment that the 5D and 3D have larger sensors -- a fact of which I was well aware.

However, contrary to your assertion, some people have suggested that with my 1Ds3 I can obtain high ISO results. I've been experimenting and am so far amazed at what I can obtain. I just don't know how those results compare to the D3.

Finally, if I understand you correctly, in your opinion Nikon has produced nothing in the way of new technology with the D3. It's just a 5D at a higher price as far as ISO goes. Am I correct?

Anyway, no doubt I am much slower than you in understanding these issues. Please have patience. Surely in school you had to put up with people like me. Sorry. Thankfully others are more compassionate.

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