How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

Started Feb 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: I want high ISO

well I have no doubt that Canon will produce sensor that will equal or better D3, its given that they will. If you are getting the results with your current equipment you have no problems. If you want something now then D3 is it, again as long as you are looking for good all around pro body that you can take anywhere. If your needs are more studio oriented then 1DS should do wonders.

I use both D3 and 5D and other cams I have friends who makes living doing this for me its a hobby. What is that one picture worth to you can you afford to wait or do you get the shot others didnt. Again its question you can only answer, you could get the camera and be making money at it and when something better comes out get that doesnt matter really whether its Canon or Nikon. Good luck with your quest!

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