How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: I want high ISO

SDRebel wrote:

It isn't the end of the world; however, I want Canon to provide me
the high ISO option the D3 achieves.

If that requires a tradeoff, then I may find the price of high ISO
isn't worth paying, e.g., in lower quality files at other ISO

But, if higher ISO can easily be provided by Canon with no
significant tradeoff, then I would like to see a firmware upgrade, if
that is possible.

I follow your point, yet I see it as engaging in a discussion similar
to one I remember of whether or not carburators would inevitably be
replaced by fuel injection.

The first thing I needed to know in that discussion was what fuel
injection did that carburators didn't, if anything. Or, was fuel
injection just marketing hype? Well, the answer has been in for a
long time now; but in the beginning it generated quite a bit of
discussion and required a learning curve.

So, again, how has Nikon accomplished the high ISO provided by the
D3? Can Canon provide it in the 1Ds3 with a firmware upgrade or will
it have to await a new sensor design? Is there a tradeoff that makes
high ISO ultimately undesirable for most shooting conditions, given
even the Nikon technology?

I still am not certain that I've read any definitive answers to my
initial questions.

Many thanks for your thoughts -- I enjoy learning as well as I enjoy
shooting with my 1Ds3 with the technology is presently offers even if
that is limited for the moment to ISO 3200.

If you want to shot at the highest ISOs a Canon 1D3 or a Nikon D3 will both give you less noise even if you downsample the 1DS3 to the same resolution. You will not get the same low noise at ISO 6400 or above with a firmware upgrade of a 1Ds3, even with an "artificial" ISO 6400 setting.

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