How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Do your own testing, please

Honor wrote:

You credibility is about the same as a cow in a pasture who tells me
it saw an ufo last night. You have published zero to substantiate
your fallacies yet you accuse other people of tainting their results
when they at least have made the effort to publish their findings.
This foremosts tells me you could well be a Nikon troll. While I am
ready to believe you own a D3, I highly doubt you own a 1dmk3.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone, anywhere, with more experience using the Mk III in precisely the situations at issue here. Since July, over 275,000 frames of low-light action. I know the IQ of this camera very well, indeed. I am not the one spreading fallacies here.

Here is what you hit:
credibility 0%
arrogance 80%

Your opinion of my credibility is immaterial; at least I don't believe in talking cows. The numbers speak for themselves - you should be arguing with them, not me.

I did not make my mind on that article alone but while it may be a
limited scope test it is as untainted as it gets, same lense on both
cameras no post-processing.

The 1dmk3 has superior IQ compared to the D3 in all usable ISO.

I invite you to visit and prove this with my cameras.

The D3 noise reduction is actually removing details and that is not a
path I will condone.

We can leave NR off, if you prefer.

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