Any regrets switching to a Mac?

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Re: Any regrets switching to a Mac?

richiebee wrote:

Scott Weierich wrote:

I have used Final Cut Pro (all versions except the current) and most
version of Dreamweaver very successfully on a PowerBook G4 as well as
a Power Mac G4.

Good for you. The fact that they are not particularly stable for me
shows that Apple computers are no better than PC's in regard to
compatibility and stability. YMMV. It is my experience. It is fact.

Why are you attacking me? I support Macs and Mac users
professionally. I am trying to help.

Oh, so that's why you're so defensive. You think I'm attacking you.
I'm not. I'm merely stating my experience. You're trying to negate
my experience. But it is still my experience.

I was not being defensive, just looking for an answer as to why you seemed so caustic towards my attempted helpfulness. You stated to the OP that you had all these problems with pro audio and video applications. I was trying to balance experience with another showing that someone else has experience with some of those very same programs and did not have the same problems. If someone says that something doesn't work and no one else speaks up to the contrary, others will read the post and assume that it must be completely true and to avoid using a Mac for pro audio or video or web design unnecessarily. There are a lot of people in the world who are easily influenced; especially new users looking for advice. Additionally I try to not only post my experience, but if another user IS experiencing problems I try to help them figure out why their setup doesn't work as well as the setup I am/have been working with. Again, I am not negating your experience rather I am providing a different experience for others to consider.

Corrupted fonts can absolutely cause these types of problems. It
doesn't have to be 3rd party fonts. As for Apple memory, it is not
made by Apple, it is normally made by Samsung, Hynix and one other
vendor. Even Apple sold and installed RAM can go bad.

Yes, it's Samsung. It was installed by Apple. So, which RAM is
okay? For a system which is supposed to "just work", it doesn't.

There is not a single memory manufacturer that has zero defects. Samsung makes very good quality RAM as well as Hynix, Crucial (Micron) and Lifetime Memory. I have used all of these brands and I have had at least one stick from each maker have to be replaced under warranty over the past 10 years. Here is a very good utility that you can install and test your own ram on your Macs at your school:

As for bad or corrupted fonts, consider the following that I found useful:

Go to your Applications folder and launch Font Book.

Select the one font you think is the problem, or sleet multiple fonts (if you don't have one specifically you suspect) by holding down Command as you click on the suspects.

Go under the File menu -> Validate Fonts. This would bring up the Font Validation window.

If you get a little checkbox next to the font it’s good to go. If you get a yellow warning sign, there may be a problem, and if you get a red “x” then the font is corrupt.

If corrupt, remove these by checking the boxes next to them and clicking Remove Checked at the bottom of the program window.

Additionally Font Doctor is a more advanced program that can pick out problems with fonts that even Font Book thought were fine:

Additionally, I completely forgot that your issues you described could also be caused by corrupted preference files (plist files). One of the easier ways to troubleshoot this issue is the create a new user account on your affected Mac and log into the new user and see if you can recreate the problem you are facing. If you do still have the problem, you know now that it is not a user level problem (it is not something in the home library folder of a user) but rather a system level problem. This helps narrow down where to look for the problem and solution.

Agreed, but all the same, the creatives I come in contact with are
much more likely to have installed all sorts of "extras" especially
widgets of all shapes and sizes than people who are not in a creative
based industry.

Okay, fair enough... but that isn't me.

Seriously though, it really sounds like Macs just may not be the
right machine for you.

I don't know. I'm not going to say I'll never have another. In
fact, I was thinking about getting a Mac mini for internet/e-mail
stuff at home. It wouldn't be an essential machine, central to my
workflow, or required to do anything demanding, but they look like
good value for a straight forward machine. I was just trying to give
my experiences over the last three years or so, and I wish I could do
so without it being so watered down by Mac users putting the blame
back on the buyer.

I was not trying to blame "the buyer", not even in my reference to 3rd party bells and whistles as most users had very good intentions...not their fault if something causes a conflict. I was simply trying to point out possible reasons for a problem along with proposed solutions.

If you are not aware of the refurbished page at Apple's online store:

They don't seem to have any Mac Minis at the moment, but the US site seems to be updated on an almost daily basis.

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