How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: Glass is a huge issue, L glass wuv!

SDRebel wrote:

Having a few Canon lenses myself, that is a major consideration when
thinking of switching.

However, switching isn't my issue. Rather, I just want Canon to
provide the ability to set the higher ISO available with the D3 -- if
it could be done with a firmware upgrade.

Whether extra ISO settings can be provided via firmware is one of the
questions I've been trying to get answered.

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The control styles and the RAW format are big concerns as well. I never lost (or corrupted)a single Canon RAW file while using ZB or DPP. Can Nikon make to same boost?

Compared to the MK-3, the D3's advantages are small or in some cases nonexistent.

The D3 is a big leap for Nikon, although it took a retaredly long time, sloppy of them. It's far from a knockout punch though, and at this point, not longer concerns me.... and I wuv my L glass!!!!

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