Photo Site or Host own domain?

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Photo Site or Host own domain?

I've long wanted to have a photo site that i'm sticking with and not one freebie here and another freebie there (hate the size limitations on free offers, usually only small sizes allowed).

there appears to be 2 main options available:

1. pbase, smugmug, photobucket, zenfolio, picasa, et al. (each of those have a free option with many limits, a low cost paid option with no "own domain name", and a higher cost sort of "pro" option with your own domain name)

2. host my own domain from a place like blue host where for only $7 / month, they not only do the hosting, they give a wide range of free software/templates (though there's still a steep learning curve which is virtually zero with Option 1 above). Even easier, they register and "keep up" the domain name for you (which is only $10 a year but they do all the registration and annual renewal) and, if at anytime you are going to leave, everything is pro rated and you get the remainder of your money back.

While Option 2 above is most flexible, it is also the most work and somewhat intimadating I only want my email address to have a "permanent" one, one that is neither an email from my ISP provider (i might change, say from a cable modem to a Verizon FIOS fiber optic at some point), nor a web mail type which has its format/folder limitations (like gmail is more limited in terms of folders), unlike Outlook, which has it's own problems but has a really extensive filing/folder system.

So, for email address (sort of a permanent one requiring my own domain name) and photographs, is it smart to go through all the "trouble" to do Option 2? It certainly seems more permanent - at least should be a longer termed solution.

Option 1 is sort of neither fish nor fowl. yes, there's a sort of permanent "home" for my pictures, then again, my email is always sort of subject to a change, say, every 5 or 7 or so years as technology marches on and a new type of ISP is superior - not that it matters that much nowadays as cable is generally speaking, fast enough and the FIOS Verizon fiber optic won't really change the slowness of many internet sites! the bottleneck is no longer your ISP - it's more the internet traffic and their servers!

May I kindly ask for advice / comments?

PS: should you all deem this inappropriate for this forum, even though I intend to hang around for a long time as i'm getting the 350/300 plus the 18-250, the Tamron 10-24, and a macro lens, I will move it to another one like the PC forum or something like that. I thought that this might be instructive for others as well, since I hardly think that i'm the ONLY one in this boat!

Thanks in advance!

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