How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

Started Feb 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
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I'd like to think you're correct

Given what I paid for my 1Ds3, I'd like to think that it outperforms every camera on the market in all respects.

The good news is that so far I am delighted with the camera.

However, as regards high ISO, a number of loyal Canon users have seemed to conclude that the D3 produces excellent results at 6400 and 12800, e.g.:

Your evaluation may well be correct. If it is, then the D3's high ISO capability is a nonissue. But, that isn't what I'm seeing in the reviews.

So, my questions. How did Nikon do it, whether or not it works to everyone's satisfaction? And, can Canon provide us 1Ds3 owners with higher ISO via a firmware upgrade?

Those two questions remain unanswered in any definitive fashion; although, some folks have provided considerable information in their replies to my post.

Anyway, my own initial testing of ISO 3200 leads me to believe that for night urban work of people on the streets, etc., that the results are perfectly usable. I'd just like Canon to give me the opportunity to set the camera at the 6400, 12800, and 25600 choices offered by the D3 and thereby allow me to decide if the results are acceptable and usable.

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