Do more ink cartridges really cost more to operate?

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Re: Do more ink cartridges really cost more to operate?

Dominic.Chan wrote:

Graystar wrote:

You're presuming that the light gray is being produced by leaving
large areas of white with a small number of black dots within. The
other way to produce a light gray is to use equal amount of cyan
magenta and yellow, evenly interlaced.

There is indeed more than one way to produce light grey, hence in my
original post I was using light magenta as an example. There is only
one way to produce light magenta with a 4-colour printer - use
sparcely placed magenta ink dots.

Thanks Graystar and Dominic for setting that straight. Guess I used a poor example -- probably because I was jsut printing some beautiful black and whites with my ink-gouging R2400 and was thinking entirely in shades of gray

But as Dominic points out, if the example color changes from light-gray to light-magenta, the printer with a light-magenta cartridge lays down more ink than one with only a single (dark) magenta cartridge, even if both printers have the same resolution.

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