Lens VR unit IR leakage affects long exposures - cont'd.

Started Feb 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: easy precautions prevent IR leakage to affect pics for long exposures

TOF guy wrote:

Is there such an application? Who needs VR or AFS for a 30 minutes

Of course, that was written before I realized that MaxKphoto's assertions about his switch settings were incorrect.

However the important point is taken that users should turn off VR
and AF for very long exposures, and the latter using the lens switch
on specific lenses. Thank you for confirming the problem on the
70-200 f2.8 and the results of your investigation.

You're welcome - I enjoy investigating strange phenomenae.

Using the AF switch on the camera to manual * should * be enough. So
I'm ready to call the fact that the switch on some lenses must be
moved as well a design flaw, but a very small one, with an easy
workaround. IMO MaxKphoto's angry comments at Nikon were quite over
the top...

Yes, even if there were a design problem with no immediate workaround, I do not believe Nikon should be held responsible for discovering every possible effect for every possible application of their products. Not many of their customers would be willing to wait for that testing to be carried out before the release of each new product.

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