Lens VR unit IR leakage affects long exposures - cont'd.

Started Feb 17, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Yes, you can turn it off

SteveL54 wrote:

It's an easy workaround for the problem. I'm quite puzzled that Nikon
service didn't tell the OP from the first thread about turning the
lens AF switch to M/A.

If either switch (VR xor lens AF) is in the active position the IR
contamination seems to be the same.

Well, this is certainly embarrassing - I shouldn't believe every claim made in posts, without verifying them first. Max insisted that there was no combination of switch settings that would clear the problem. See http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1039&message=26784890 , where he claimed to have been using the M/A switch "M" position.

Clearly, he wasn't, as this will turn off the IR source on both the 18-200 VR and 70-200 VR.

I did check the operation of the 18-200 on the D3, though, and the IR pattern is very interesting. No smooth gradients in the "bigger picture;" there are clear light and shadow areas on the sensor. If anyone's interested, I can post a sample.
Talk about much ado about nothing, though . . .

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