FZ30 vs FZ18 vs Olympus SP570

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Re: FZ30 vs FZ18 vs Olympus SP570

greensnakeman wrote:

I'm looking to get a new mid priced camera that has a good zoom
range, good macro, fast startup, and good image quality. I have my
eye on 3 cameras: The Panasonic FZ30, the Panasonic FZ18, or the
Olympus SP570. Which do you think would be the best for meeting those
requirements, and if I didn't list another good camera that might
match those requirements could you inform me of one.

OK do not know anything about the Oly, and can only comment that the FZ18 seems like a really nice cam. I do have some experience with the FZ30, plenty of examples at my site (see below). Not sure if you can still get the FZ30 except 2nd hand, but the update (an FZ50) is pretty similar (2 Mpixels more, better movement on the LCD, a function button and some different processing with Venus III)

The FZ30 (and hence the 50) would meet all bar the macro requirements, and if you get a macro lens that is also well and truly covered. The 12 times zoom is awesome and the lens quality right through the range is fantastic. The startup is fine by my standards, have not missed a shot due to that problem, i suspect the manual zoom lens is part of the reason why startup is good. The image quality is NOT DSLR standard, but in decent light and in outdoor situation is is darn good and you will be hard pressed to see a significant difference unless you print large.

I believe the FZ18 to be a fairly decent cam as well, if the examples I see are anything to go by. It has a longer zoom and you can't have too much range. I would miss the manual zoom ring and the size , for me, is not ideal as the FZ30/50 (I like the heftier feel).

If I can make a suggestion. If you have the opportunity, go down to you local camera store and play with the cams you are interested in. I did this numerous times before I decided. Feeling comfortable with your choice is an important part of getting quality results. For a while the camera place I went to thought I was a pest, but in the end I purchased from them and got a decent deal. I have since been back to get photos etc so their efforts paid off with a happy customer who will keep coming to them first.
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