Lens VR unit IR leakage affects long exposures - cont'd.

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SteveL54 Senior Member • Posts: 2,709
Re: Lens VR unit IR leakage affects long exposures - cont'd.

Ravncat wrote:

There seems to be a rather large difference between the effect that
occurs on the sample above and on the 70-200 when compared to the
18-200 images posted in the prior thread.

The 18-200 image shows a very clear gradient from the right frame to
the left, while the above images are much more pinpoints or scratches
of light. This would seem to suggest a different cause, or some other
design difference that's altering the effects of the same cause.

As Marianne described, she actually focused the IR by another camera/lens looking through a film camera with it's back off. The film camera had the lens suspected of generating the IR attached to it. (A very clever setup.) The reason the other IR images are so indistinct is that they were taken directly by the camera with the offending lens and since the IR originates within the lens the IR source(s) won't be focused.


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