How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: WRONG Canon 1D3 has better ISO than the D3

this is sad..... I have both D3 and 5D ask me which cam I use the most, there are plenty of people who have both now. For entry level 1+1 Canon still is the only game. D3 you get what you paid for in build and "picture quality" its as sharp as any camera contrary to what many here will lead you to believe and what you can do in postprocessing is quite extraordinary.

I can tell you having had it for over two months now side by side D3 does not do more processing in camera then 5D to contrary 5D does, colors are certainly more enhanced "IE" not what I see and its sharpened more incamera then D3(although its probaly weaker filter). and when you turn noise reduction "off" its off

When you start to play in shadows even in low ISO shots D3 just is amazing. Having said all that dollar for dollar 5D still is the king if you want 1+1.

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