How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: WRONG Canon 1D3 has better ISO than the D3

Honor wrote:
If you had read the full description of the testbench that was used
you would not be making stupid speculations. There was no PP used the
whole point of this test was to test noise at high ISO between the
1D3 and the D3. Criticize the results as much as you want I don't
care but saying the results have been manipulated is just plain

This is hardly 'proof'. The 1DIII looks sharper, but has obvious
sharpening halos round the letters (in any case, it seems that the D3
has quite a strong AA filter). As for noise, there isn't a great deal
of difference, but then again, the image is not the best for noise
assessment. I couldn't guess where the sharpening halos have come
from, unless in PP, from someone desperate to show their pet camera
to be superior.

There has been a long discussion about that test before, both on this and the Nikon D3 forum. If you want to find out which has the best high ISOs, try to find posts from people who have both, or have used both. There are many around now.
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