How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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Re: WRONG Canon 1D3 has better ISO than the D3

Honor wrote:

The Canon 1Dm3 sensor has better high ISO than the Nikon D3. period.
As far as the 1DSm3 it should have same ISO as the 1dS2 since Canon
stated the photodiode pitch in a pixel has been kept the same even
though the pixel area is smaller. Only the light insensitive portion
of the pixel was stripped out.

Wrong way round, the pixel pitch is smaller, but the microlens area is the same. Mind you, whereas the 1DIII has small gap microlenses, the D3 has gapless ones.

Here is proof of the superior ISO from the 1D3 over the Nikon D3.


ISO 3200 1DM3

ISO 3200 1D3

This is hardly 'proof'. The 1DIII looks sharper, but has obvious sharpening halos round the letters (in any case, it seems that the D3 has quite a strong AA filter). As for noise, there isn't a great deal of difference, but then again, the image is not the best for noise assessment. I couldn't guess where the sharpening halos have come from, unless in PP, from someone desperate to show their pet camera to be superior.

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