More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: exactly wrong

wilfredmrand wrote:

Good composition, framing, subject matter, exposure control, and
other graphic intangibles far outweigh the advantages of additional

They're not in a zero sum game with each other, though. You can always reduce the resolution of your image; you can't increase it.

In my first photo course in J-school, all photographers were required
to use a 120 point and shoot camera exclusively, for journalism,
sports, studio assignments, etc. The results were impressive because
they separated the photographer from the equipment, and united them
with craft, skill, persistence and creativity. Most valuable course I
ever took. (At the end, we were treated to a mind-blowing private
showing of Gordon Parks' own work done exactly the same way, and got
to meet the great photographer himself.)

That's all well and good (I'm all for exercising creativity with self-imposed restraints as a means to an end), but it is not ultimately in a zero sum game with resolution.

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