1Ds3 Noise at High ISO is high.

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Re: 1Ds3 Noise at High ISO is high.

Rational wrote:

Just completed some side-by-side tests of a 1Ds3 and 5D.

In that case I'm sure you have the test results such that you could post them here.

I did a simple test side by side using the 1Ds3 and 5D and a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens and all at f/8. A tripod was used, of course, and a cable release and MLU for all shots. This was a relatively low light test where the shutter speed was around 1.5 seconds at f/8 and iso 100.

Lightroom was used to develop the raw files and default color noise reduction was used.

Here are downsized examples where you can judge thge sharpnes and at the same output size for both cameras. In this case input sharpening was raised to make as much details stand out as possible and after resizing an output sharpening was done in Photoshop CS3 again to maximize sharpening.

Here is a 100% view of the darkest area and wiht only Lightroom default input sharpening

a here the lighter areas again at 100% view

The original subject can be seen here uncropped:

1D23 iso 3200:

At high ISO levels (800 and above) the 1Ds3 has disturbingly higher
levels of noise than the 5D, enough to cause me to revert back to the
5D for situations that require a high ISO setting. The noise is very
visible, especially in darker areas, where irt appears as colored
spots. These are not precisely calibrated tests but merely side by
side visual comparisons.

I completely disagree, I find the noise levels good for printing even A3+ at ISO 3200 and even without noise reduction. As I'm used to the 5D I'm not accepting lots of noise and I don't see much of it The 1Ds3 is not quite at the same level as the 5D but it is pretty close when you downsize to the same output size as e.g. in a print. I found the details and sharpnes very good at high iso levels on the 1Ds3. I recently took some pictures at iso 3200 in a family situation and I have printed one on A3+ paper and with only a slight increase in color noise reduction in Lightroom (+40) and in the print I can see a little noise when look really closely. At a normal view distance there is no visible noise at all. The picture was shot at 1/40s, f/2.8 with my 24-70 f/2.8L. The light was that low and I didn't want to use flash.

At low ISOs, the 1Ds3 is OK, with a roughly 25% improvement in
resolution over the 5D in each of the two perpendicular dimensions.
This is imperceptible in all but the most extreme enlargements (way
above 13x19 inches), or equivalently in the case of selecting a small
portion of the image and magnifying it a lot.

I don't agree. I find the 1Ds3 pictures clearer even on the pixel level than the 5D and when printed at the same size the increase in quality is very visible.

All in all, a disappointing performance for the ridiculously high
price the 1Ds3 is being sold.

I agree the 1Ds3 is expensive and likely more than it need to be, but as long as there is no competition the price will continue to be high. I find the quality from this camera outstanding.

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