How does the D3 achieve such high ISO?

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no it can't

SDRebel wrote:

The jury seems to be in on the Nikon D3's successful implementation
of significantly higher and usable ISO than I can achieve with my

pixels size. 21MP vs. 12MP. Bigger pixels get more light. If you take pixel density to the extreme you get into P&S cameras and we all know their very small pixels lead to noise sometimes at iso100 and always by iso200.

Has Nikon made a breakthrough in sensor design? Or, is the Nikon ISO
range a result of a breakthrough in post processing?

I think the d3 isensor has more microprisms.

Could Canon provide a firmware upgrade for the 1Ds3 that increased
ISO to the range achieved by the D3?

Certainly not. See my above statement about pixel size.

Are there white papers that explain Nikon's achievement?

Many thanks for any information you might have. There are occasions
when I sure would like my 1Ds3 to have the higher ISO capability. So,
it sure would be nice if Canon engineers merely have to come up with
a firmware upgrade.

No, see above statement about pixel size. The "s" in 1Ds stands for studio. It was meant as a studio camera (with proper studio lighting) or as a landscape camera used at low isos on a tripod. If you need a great high iso camera, get a 5D.

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