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Re: Hello Bob

Raul wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Yes, the lady in pictures 25,26 and 27 is obviously a transvestite!

I live part time in Brazil and I can assure you that one can get more
than one nasty surprised.

Matter of fact: after 2 surprises I do not care any more.



This was the lady in question:

If she's a transvestite, she's managed to hide the extraneous equipment behind what appears to be a 1cm stick on gold star!

If she's the sort of transvestite you get your nasty surprises from, then I'm coming to Brasil for a nasty surprise.

Clearly you have little sense of humour, and, as the OP suggested, your post was exceptionally rude. I wish I had the photographic skills to capture that number of high quality photos at what must be a chaotic event.

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