More megapixels, better photos: Fact or fiction?

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Re: More megapixels... segue to FZ50

BLawson wrote:

I'm working with an FZ7 and would like to move to DSLR but suspect I
need more skill to get the potential our of something like a D40x or I'm looking at the FZ50 as the proverbial "bridge" camera.
I've read the reviews but they confuse more than illuminate, so
from a real world FZ50 user to a newbie, would I get more out of
these kinds of image with an FZ50, and if so, in what way? Thanks
for any guidance...Brian

It's time to get a dSLR...

The FZ50 wont be much better or worse than what you have now. Nor does a "cheap" DSLR take worse pictures than the most expensive.


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