Will using a hood eliminate lens flare for sunset shots?

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Re: Hood for EF lens not as effective on 1.6x crop camea?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

Maybe I'm splitting hairs, but it's not "less effective", it's simply
equally effective - missing the opportunity to be more effective.
Remember that a lens hood is designed to shade the front lens
element, and it does that equally effectively regardless of the
sensor size. But with a smaller sensor it would be possible, in
principle, to use a longer hood which would shade the lens from light
sources in the narrow strip which falls just inside the filed of view
of a 35 mm sensor but outside the field of a crop sensor.

As an example of "more effective" I have an old 50/1.8 MkI; I also
happen to have the lens hood from a 100-300 zoom which I sold years
ago. By chance I discovered that not only does it physically fit the
50 mm lens, but it works perfectly with no vignetting. But if I put
it on my film SLR I see the hood in the corners of the frame. There
will be very few cases of such a happy coincidence.

Thanks Steve.
not a pro, just loves photography

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