Report on EOS-1D Mark III (Personal)

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Re: Report on EOS-1D Mark III (Personal)

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Never learned that trick. I tried it on my 5D and was always hitting
the wrong button, got home with a ton of OOF shots. But then I am
still a two finger typest

It takes some time getting used to, but it is worth it.

Kraus, I was just going out to do some park birds like yours, but the
light went bad. I really need to start with the 70-200 like you did
and get the hang of AI servo tracking before I mount the 500.

I think I am going to love this camera. It already shows such
superior focusing over any of my old cameras that I am really hoping
that this time I will get some keepers.

Remember another thing Auto iso:

First assign the followinf funtions to MyMenu: Set aperture value range, set shutter speed range, safety shift (and why not mirror lockup now you are there?) and maybe highlight tone priority.

Then when you shoot birds: Set safety shift to ISO to enable iso speed. Set aperture range to the lowest aperture you will accept, e.g. f/5.6 or f/4 on the 70-200 f/2.8. And program Tv and set shutter speed to e.g. 1/1600s or 1/2000s as you like to freeze movement. Set ISO speed as the lowest you want. E.g. ISO 400. Now you are in auto iso! God only knows why this is not explained in the manual or in any papers from Canon that I have seen If you want auto iso i Av mode, then this is possible BUT the lowest shutter speed is 1/60s and not useful at all! I don't understand why Canon chose that as it makes no sense at all. But at least we now have an auto iso after a long wait in Tv mode. That's what I don't understand about camera engineers, why does it take so long to come up with a simple function like this and the competition (aka. Nikon, Pentax, etc.) have done it already? And it is not even explained and we have to figure this out ourselves....

However it is still a great camera. It even beats the 5D looking at the IQ at the pixel level which translates into clearer pictures in prints.

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