D3 repair

Started Feb 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
Miguel Fonseca Regular Member • Posts: 126
Re: I have the same problem

My serial number is 2002XXX

What is yours?


LouisD70 wrote:

While I am not happy to see other people have this issue as well, at
least it confirms I am not insane or doing something risky with my
camera to cause dust (never had spot problems like this on any other
DSLR I have owned).

I just updated a thread a started a while back regarding the issues I
had, with photos:

I'm curious, the people that are seeing these grease spots, what is
your serial number? Maybe there was a string next to each other made
by nikon with this issue; it doesn't appear to be very wide spread or
I think the message board would be full of people complaining about
it, but it does appear to be a legitimate issue for at least some of


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