Design flaw in all nikkor 18-200vr's- All models are defective

Started Feb 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
Thomas Comerford Veteran Member • Posts: 9,745
I did some testing too...

I only have one VR lens, a 70-300mm. This is what I get from a 30 minute exposure at ISO 100, with Long Exposure NR turned OFF (and VR off):

What I've observed is:

If I turn Long Exposure NR on, it cleans it up perfectly.

If I change the AF switch to M (as opposed to M/A) it doesn't happen at all.

Looking at the raw data, it only seems to be present in the red channel, which means it's not amp glow. Looking at other long exposures I've noticed that amp glow "elevates" all three channels equally.

Choosing a different aperture has no effect.

Changing the body AF switch to "M" has no effect.

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