Travel in the Yucatan area of Mexico, camera gear security?

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Re: Travel in the Yucatan area of Mexico, camera gear security?

Thanks to all for the responses. Having friends that have traveled there a lot, I know it's more tourist friendly than many places in the states. But I don't have much experience traveling with camera gear. There will be plenty of times when we will be going out for the day with the rental car and will be seeing ruins/jungles/etc. and then will want to go for a swim in a cenote or at a snorkleing spot. I certainly don't want to leave the camera bag on the beach, so I guess the trunk would be the safest place although quite hot as well.

I've thought about just leaving the 40D at home and getting by with the G9, but I think I'd be kicking myself the whole time once I get down there around all of that history and scenery. But then I think about the freedom of not having to be chained to the camera bag the whole time and the G9 starts sounding better. I think I'll probably end up bringing down a very spartan 40D kit, just the 17-85 and the 580exII, along with the G9 and do my best to keep it all secure.

For those who have rider policies on their camera gear, is your gear covered when you travel out of the States?

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