Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

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Re: Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

bikinchris wrote:

In a clumbsy sort of way, yes. Looking up her nose is probably not
her best side! You are lucky that she wants to let you take photos of
her (and that she is so pretty too). So practice a lot. Post here
often with your results also!

Remember that light is what makes an image great. There are several
great books that can help you understand modeling (light, not your
subject). A single flash does not usually make a great image.

Chris, Broussard, LA

Upon further review of the last image, I can see that the lighting created an appearance of a double chin, so I think I understand what you mean.

I've been reading lots and lots, and learning lots and lots... but do not own the necessary equipment yet.

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