SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

Started Jan 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

I had great news. USPS tried to deliver my FlashWaves kit yesterday and succeeded today! After a quick run for batteries, they both work perfectly in my apartment. I'll take them to church Sunday. If they can shoot from one end of the sanctuary to the other I will be happy.

That's with just with one 285HV on the camera. Two 285HVs remotely cross-firing at the ceiling from behind the roof arches on opposite sides should do a wonderful job of lighting the front. I won't have to resort to ISO1600 and PS the result anymore. Now I should be able to shoot less obtrusively from the back with a longer zoom.

Next project: flash clamps.

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