S5 autofocus problem, again

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Willy Backhaus New Member • Posts: 19
S5 autofocus problem, again


this is not the first thread regarding the focus problems of S5 cameras, I know. But now I bought my second S5 and this has the same focus problems as the first one. Unfortunately the salesman doesn't want to take the camera back and give the money although I bought the camera 1 day before and made about 50 shots with it to test it.

They sent it to Fuji Germany for repair but I doubt they will repair anything because with my 1st S5 they simply could not or don't want not find any focus problem.

So I will post samples from the tests I made.

I used the center auto-focus sensor and sharpening in camera is off. The lens is a 28-70/2.8 Nikkor at 2.8 and 28mm

This is the scene I used for the tests:

Here are the results:

manual focus:


Once I got this one using autofocus. I would say that focusing manually I achieved better focus than this one.

Let me know if you had similar experiences with your S5, or I'm doing something wrong, because I can't believe that I bought 2 S5 cameras and both have the same defect.. I also own a S3 and this focuses always right.


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