Design flaw in all nikkor 18-200vr's- All models are defective

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Re: It was minus 5F degrees frozen (where is the heat?)

I'm glad you came back. Go read my last post?

My intent is NOT to demean Nikon (It's much more fun and appropriate to demean you guys). IMO, you can be sorted into two groups: Group one thinks you, the OP, are trying to show that Nikon is a bad company...Group two thinks that the lens is getting hot (in spite of the ambient temp being quite cold and in spite of the IR filter that is installed in the camera). Duh...

To demonstrate how difficult it is to generate enough "heat" to propogate through the IR filter, I took a picture of my soldering iron (600 deg F)...15 min 17 sec...ISO 1600, f3.2. There was a tiny increase in the noise around the tip of the iron (hard to see), so I superimposed a dim image of the iron taken normally.

I also tried this with my wife's clothes iron (I don't claim it!) nothing, as it's only 300-400 deg F.

Think about how much "heat" has to be produced to generate enough longer wavelengths to get through the IR filter? The plastic parts of the 18-200 would melt! Think how much electrical energy would be required? The D300 with MB-D10 can't do it! You guys in Group two went off on a tangent...

I suspect that this lens is affecting the body, electrically...and this is causing the "glow". I suggest that somebody:

1. Put a black cover over the BACK of the lens and take a long exposure.
2. Use another camera (D200?) to take a long exposure of the D300 + 18-200.

Or we could ask Nikon to explain WHY this lens does this?

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