Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

Started Feb 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
Yehuda Katz Forum Pro • Posts: 25,916

She's a cute young girl. I'm sure she's VERY happy wth your shots.

KennyS wrote:

Hey everyone.

I would appreciate some comments from you folks on these photos. Any
response, good or bad, is helpful, but please try to be constructive.

I used a Canon G7 with a Sunpak 383 bounced up towards the white
ceiling for all photos.

Unfortunately, my flash was stuck on full power so I had to use f8
and a speed of 1/1000 to compensate for that (it's all in the thread
below). I wanted a much lower aperture, but at least the exposure
looks good to me. These are all edited for color curves, but
unsharpened and no noise reduction used yet.

Here are the best from the shoot:

Thanks for looking!

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