Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

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Re: Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)


it's nice of her to let you take shots in the apartment. You really need to reduce the background clutter, as ExNihilo suggested and also try some non conventional angles. Interesting photos usually use an angle different from the one that the average viewer looks at things.
For example here's some tips on how to improve these shots.

Shot 1 on the bathroom mirror: Loose the towel. It's very distracting. Let her stand on the left side of the sink and closer to the mirror and tell her to look inside the mirror. Take a close up shot of both her head and the mirror image.

Shot 2 on the bed: Instead of the flash pointing to the ceiling, point it low on the wall to her left and lower your camera angle. Also make yourself a snoot (see and don't let the flash light spread so much. Half of her face should be in the shadow. Much more interesting lighting/shadow contrast like that.
Shot 3: see above.

Shot 4 round mirror: Get closer and put her closer. Her face profile is nice and you should try something like the bathroom shot. Also you can play with the upper mirror curve and create lines to drive the eye to her face etc.

Shot 5 Scrabble board: The stool and desk behind her are distracting. Also her pose is not that flattering. A fast fix could be to hide the desk/stool with a white sheet thus creating an all-white background. Also you can use the game board to create lines. For example you could have her lay on the floor and put her cheek on the corner of the board looking at the camera. Crop tight. In that way the board edges will create lines that drive the viewer's eye to her face.

General note: The light in all the photos is uncontrolled and spreading all over the place. You should try to control it using "gobos" like snoots, reflecting cards, flags etc. You don't need to buy anything, you can build them on your own.

Good luck.

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