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Re: A little freaked out...

Kent Johnson wrote:

... not by the images but by the poor quality of the responses.
Apparently we don't have too many high school graduates here any more.
First of all, if your G7 has an x-sync of 1000th of a second then you
have basically defied the laws of physics. Not likely.
Your Sunpak can probably do f/5.6 at ISO 100 and 1/160th of a second
if it is bounced off of an 8ft white ceiling. Can you confirm?
Other than that I'd say try to nail the focus and not blow the


Please read the link I referenced. I tried setting fairly similar to those, expecting good exposure - but the image was completely washed out, pure white. Only by making ridiculous aperture and shutter speed values did I achieve the correct exposure, because the flash was, for an undetermined reason, only firing at full power. I took a LOT of shots until I found a sucessful-enough remedy.

By the way, the G7/G9 does have quite high flash sync speeds. It's certainly less than 1/250.

Can you pinpoint exactly which highlights are blown? I concentrated most on the stucco detail in #4, I tried very hard to preserve that, and I think I did (especially seen in bigger size it is clearly still visible).

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