Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

Started Feb 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
AZDYJ2K Junior Member • Posts: 40
Re: Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

I agree with the other poster that she is a cute sweet looking girl. I also agree with the other comments.

This is not meant to be a harsh comment at all, however, I think a little make up would help. Her hair is fine in all the shots except #4 where it looks a little messy on her left side (the hair is fine on the mirror image).

I'm new at this also, however, it seems like you are going for more advanced shots and I think you should concentrate on getting basic poses down first. This will help you get your lighting and settings down and then you can go for the more advanced poses.

I'm still doing basic poses until I perfect that (which is frustrating at times). Listen to the more experienced members on here and keep reading the forums, they are a ton of help! Good luck!

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