Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

Started Feb 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Shots of My Girlfriend (C&C Welcome)

These look like snapshots to me. The light seems to be coming from every direction. No modeling or depth.

I think the mirror pose is the best. Smiling and not looking at the camera is an odd pose. Looking at the camera usually works best.

There is a lot of clutter/distractions in the shots. It needs to be simpler. Say for the mirror shot. Remove the ornament from the mirror and the table with things on it from behind her. The bed shot has that dolphin blanket. Lose it and just use a plain blanket or the solid white sheet. You need to prepare your backgrounds. It is a requirement of a good shot.

I think you can rapidly improve if you read more of the posts in this forum.

I would try off camera flash and some better backgrounds.

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