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As a Nikon D80 and Olympus E-1 owner, I looked hard at the E-510 and studied many images from it. It was not up to what I could get from my D80, so I waited. The E-3, in terms of IQ is slightly better than the D80 at low iso's, but at high iso's, IMO the D80 still holds an advantage - slightly. Overall, I prefer my E-3 over my D80 enough that I'll be selling the latter. But, there are a couple things about the D80 that I feel is still better than my E-3. -Norm

Gene J. Paull wrote:

+for D80 - I own the following AF or AFS lenses: 18-70, 28-105,
35-135. 70-410 f4,
50 1.8, 85 1.8; SB800 flash, remote, and already have the spare
batteries, filters

  • for D80 - no dust removal, no pixel mapping, no internal IS; when

SD cards and extended warranty factored in, approaches $1,000.

+for E510 - $650 for kit, another $100 for magnifying eyepiece and
remote, built in IS, dust removal system, lightweight kit for hiking,
uses CF cards which I already have, no cropping for 11 x 14 mats.
-for E510, need to buy flash, probably also 14-54 lens for bad light.

There are lots of cameras on the market, I've narrowed it down to
these two very different cameras. D80 would be the logical choice
as I already have lots of components of the Nikon system. But the
E510 has lots of appeal, mainly size for hiking. I probably would
buy the 14-54 lens in addition so price is about equal to the Nikon
and would go above it when the flash is added.

I guess the big deciding factor is image quality and this is one
about which I don't have a clue. I use the Nikon D70s, it's fine
when the light it is good, but has problems in "bad daylight" (dark,
cloudy skies, shadows of the deep forest understory). I'm guessing
the D80 may have an edge in low light and overall IQ on large prints;
the E510, more of a low maintenance unit with dust removal and pixel
mapping, and probably returns more "keepers" with built in IS.

Leaning towards the Nikon as I already have the lenses and flash.
Gene in Deep South Texas

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